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Symbiant for Independent Treatment Centers

In addition to the various aspects of Symbiant's value to hospitals in general, some aspects are particularly relevant to Independent Treatment Centers (ITC's).

Carefree outsourcing: key activities prioritized

ITC's are generally expected to focus on their core activities and expertise. The choice of where to outsource clinical pathology is an important one because it should leave the ITC’s with a feeling of carefreeness, allowing them to focus on their core business. Symbiant offers the necessary benefits when it comes to carefree outsourcing.

Wide range of services and deep expertise

Symbiant is a main supplier in its field because it offers a broad range of clinical pathology  along with deep expertise. Its customers can focus on their core business without  needing to spend time and energy looking for suitable providers of the appropriate expertise.


Symbiant is fully autonomous and therefore completely independent. This allows for the ITC's to outsource their needs for clinical pathology without having to worry about any type of dependence on the part of their provider.


Speed is one of the key parameters of quality. Symbiant provides for this through sophisticated logistics, technology and organization.

Cost effectiveness

Economic factors also are important to ITC's. Symbiant provides the best pathology at an acceptable rate. Moreover, Symbiant allows its affiliates to concentrate on their productive core activities.