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Symbiant Consultancy

More and more laboratories are recognizing and experiencing the added value and opportunities that come from cooperation in a 'market economy'. Collaboration allows laboratories to maintain high quality levels of diagnostics at an affordable price.

Synergy model

Symbiant has much experience with various forms of cooperation, in terms of purchasing, logistics, ICT, innovation and management.

Symbiant strives to make this knowledge available for other parties. Key to this ambition, is that we believe in a synergy model rather than in a competitive model.

Not only do we intend to make diagnostics as affordable as possible, but to generate identifiable and measurable value with limited means.

R & D, innovation and quality

A lower price is but one form of added value. The implementation of new technologies, personalized medicine, integration and improvement of ICT (including videoconferencing), the development of rapid diagnostic testing, creation of the necessary training for technologists, etc., can also be counted among the examples.

This can only be achieved by joining forces.

Feel free to contact us by email for more information: info@symbiant.nl
Or contact Symbiant’s secretariat at MCA: t: +31:72-548 3680

Dr Mehdi Jiwa