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Specialised pathology

Our laboratory for specialised pathology increases cost-effectiveness by aggregating the complex, low volume, pathological tests.

Aggregation and quality

Symbiant’s specialised pathology lab deals with molecular and complex quantitative pathology. This lab also houses low-volume and complex immunological testing. By aggregating and centralizing these types of testing, expertise is developed, economies of scale are achieved and quality standards can be guaranteed. For example by employing a molecular biologist.

Efficiency through synergy

On the one hand "critical mass" and therefore economies of scale are achieved by concentrating testing. On the other hand, effective multidisciplinary expertise is applied to some cases. By combining economies of scale with multidisciplinary expertise where needed, Symbiant achieves optimal efficiency.


The emphasis currently lies on the following tests:

  • HPV
  • K-ras and EGFR mutations
  • BRAF
  • Her2Neu (CISH and MLPA)


Symbiant is also developing rapid diagnostics for prostate, breast and lung cancer.