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Expert Center

The expert center contributes to greater patient safety. The number of diagnoses that are adjusted following multi disciplinary consultations can be lowered considerably by offering specialized experts digitized slides.

Expertise and ICT

Availability of expertise at the right time in the right place is of paramount importance. Expertise can be effectively matched with demand by making optimal use of information and communication technology.

The expert center has two objectives:

  • The merger of UDPS servers at various locations into one integrated ICT environment, making patient data available at every location.
  • The creation of an online secondary care center, so a second opinion may be requested at any time.

Efficiency and digital environment

The typical benefits of an online environment make it possible to provide more cost-effective and quicker second opinions.
The online environment facilitates virtual conferencing and consultation and offers (sub) specialized pathologists a unique e-learning environment, giving them the opportunity to further their training in a way that suits their needs.