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About us

The health sector in general is constantly facing new challenges. Political and economic developments, technological developments, medical science (and the media) contribute to a dynamic environment.

Dynamics in pathology

Anatomic (and forensic) pathology are also affected by these developments. The dynamics challenge the form of pathology itself. Meeting the challenges gives rise to an examination of whether and to what extent the discipline, the supply chain, the organization, technology and processes could be shaped differently.


Pathology laboratories must deliver a consistently high degree of quality to ensure the best possible treatment plan for the individual patient (multidisciplinary consultations and additional studies, including molecular techniques). Growing complexity and quality demand further (sub)specialization as well as scaling to achieve a high level of quality at a reasonable price. Symbiant aims to provide hospitals, private treatment centers and primary care centers with state of the art pathology.

Custom care

Symbiant provides clients with custom care. We can provide the entire range of pathology diagnostics or provide specific expertise and services, such as molecular pathology, purchasing, logistics, etc. Our services grow and develop in accordance with clients' needs.


Some of the challenges:

  • Patient safety and the assurance thereof (processes, protocols, internal monitoring, expertise, organization)
  • Complex specialized studies (sufficient volume, expertise, technology and organization)
  • Staff shortages (pathologists and analysts)
  • Functional differentiation and specialization (academic staff)
  • Knowledge development and training (training center for pathologists and curriculi for pathologists)
  • Operational efficiency, and standardization (centralized management, uniform methods and procedures, effectiveness)
  • Functional efficiency and synergy (knowledge, commerce, technology, equipment, training)
  • Financial efficiency (purchasing advantages and economies of scale, consumables, ICT etc.)
  • Innovation (development of expertise and technology)
  • Adhesion and volume (an accessible pathology expert center that also serves third parties)